Crowdfunding campaign relaunched for the Shiant Bothies

Shiant Isles have relaunched their crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Shiant Bothies; two new, off-grid bothies that will be sited on the uninhabited Shiant Isles. The campaign was founded by custodian of the Shiant Isles Tom Nicolson and driven by a three-generational passion for the islands and their ecosystems. The Bothies will be designed and supplied by Bothy Stores.

The Shiant Isles are a small group of islands in the Scottish Hebrides, roughly four miles from the Isle of Lewis. The islands are one of the most important breeding colonies for seabirds in Europe and are a valuable location for conservationists, researchers and nature enthusiasts. 

The Shiant Bothies will provide comfortable and sustainable accommodation for visitors to the islands, enabling immersion in the landscape whilst preserving the islands’ wildlife and natural beauty.

The proposal for the Shiant Bothies has already received a large amount of support, including 200 signatures and planning permission. The newly relaunched campaign aims to raise £80,000 - £100,000 in order to realise the new Bothies.

You can contribute to the campaign’s fundraising efforts here and learn more about the Shiant Bothies here.