Bothy Stores has developed a range of modestly scaled yet exceptionally detailed prefabricated cabins that offer outstanding versatility. The original Artist Bothy is complemented by the more compact Craft Bothy and the extended Studio Bothy to ensure there is a Bothy to suit any space.

The simple design and spacious interiors allow the Bothies to fulfil various roles, such as a rural retreat, creative studio, garden office or gallery space. Each Bothy can be variously configured with a bed and kitchenette for overnight stays or a desk to allow for use as a studio or office.

Made In Scotland

Each Bothy is fabricated in our Scottish workshop using locally and ethically sourced materials of the highest quality. The timeless design and attention to detail of these simple timber-framed structures sets them apart as a premium option for self-contained accommodation.


Our prefabricated Bothies are manufactured off-site in our workshop and delivered to site on the back of a truck, fully assembled and ready for use. Installation can be completed in as little as a day, minimising the risk of weather delays, on-site disruption and labour costs. The Bothies can also be easily relocated if required.

On or Off-grid

Go completely off grid with a wood-burning stove and basic 12V electrical system or opt for the creature comforts of underfloor heating and a 240V mains supply. We can also connect you with suppliers of amenities such as composting toilets, renewable energy services and water harvesting systems.


We have specified materials that are seen in various guises in vernacular architecture throughout the British countryside. These materials are not only functional, durable, and sustainable, but are attractive, suitable for purpose and can be homogenous in many different contexts, be it urban or rural. The bothies come as standard with: a timber-frame structure; hemp insulation; timber cladding on the gable ends; corrugated steel on the external walls and roof; double glazed timber frame windows; engineered oak flooring and birch ply interior walls.

Fittings & Fixtures

Our ready to use turnkey Bothies come complete with fittings and fixtures from leading brands such as Russwood flooring and Anglepoise lights. These were chosen for their performance and design qualities, which match the look and feel of the Bothies. Owners can choose from a range of products that introduce extra layers of functionality to the space and ensure each Bothy is tailored to the specific needs of its users. These include a fitted bathroom, furniture, a wood-burning stove, window shutters and decking. 


Delivery & Installation

We have plenty of experience delivering and installing Bothies into their new homes and can advise on the best way to help you balance convenience and cost. Choose between either a turnkey finish, fully kitted out with internal fittings and utilities, or shell-only, which provides a basic watertight shell for you to finish however you wish.

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