Bothy Stores offers a range of modestly scaled yet highly designed architectural solutions for use in varied contexts. The original Artist Bothy is now complemented by the more compact Craft Bothy and the extended Studio Bothy to ensure there is a bothy to suit any space.

Each of our Bothies is available as a fully prefabricated building or as a flat-pack option to be assembled on site. See our installation options for more details on the best solution for you.

The simple design and spacious interiors make the Bothies suitable for a range of different uses, including as a rural retreat or artist studio, guest accommodation, retail space, private bar or dining area, catering facility, construction site office, community hub or shelter for outdoor learning.


Made In Scotland

The Bothies are Made in Scotland using locally and ethically sourced materials of the highest quality. Their timeless design and attention to detail sets them apart as a premium option for self-contained accommodation.


The prefabricated construction system makes installation straightforward, as well as minimising the risk of weather interruptions and any disturbance to the site. The Bothies can also be easily relocated if required.

On or Off-grid

The well-insulated structures can be used year-round and there is the option to introduce a wood-burning stove for added warmth. Go completely off grid with a basic 12V electrical system or opt for the creature comforts of a 240V mains electricity supply. We can also connect you with suppliers of amenities such as composting toilets, renewable energy services and water harvesting systems.