Black powder-coated Aluminium

Studio Bothy

The Studio Bothy is 1.5 metres longer than the Artist Bothy, creating space for a separate room that can be used as a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. This versatile space, separated by a sliding door, is a practical addition that increases the Bothy’s floor area and flexibility.

The Studio Bothy is perfect for tourism businesses and homeowners looking to add self-contained accommodation. The main space comfortably fits a bed, kitchenette, sofa and table, with the option of a wood burner to heat the simple and cosy interior.


Internal: 7m x 2.7m
External: 7.6m x 3.3m x 3.7m


Turnkey from £75,000
Shell Only from £62,000


This layout is ideal for overnight accommodation. A bed with a view is included alongside a living space with built-in kitchenette. The extension can accommodate a bathroom or other amenities.



A comfortable space for use as a home office, artist studio or writer’s retreat. The option to include an adjoining bathroom means you can spend many hours working and relaxing in this inspirational space.