Studio Bothy

Featuring an extension that can accommodate various additional functions

The new Studio Bothy is two meters longer than the original Artist Bothy creating space for a separate room which can be used as a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. This versatile space, separated by a sliding door is a great addition to the bothy increasing the floor space and flexibility of the building.

Fitted with an ensuite bathroom the Studio Bothy is perfect for tourist businesses and home owners looking to add self-contained accommodation. The bathroom comes with a shower, toilet and sink ready for connection to services on site. The Studio Bothy extension is wrapped in timber distinguishing it from the original bothy which retains its balanced proportions. 

Plans showing bathroom

Internal: 6.95m x 2.55m
External: 7.45m x 3m x 3.85m


Turnkey from £75,000
Shell Only from £62,000

See our installation options for more details on the best solution for you.

Plans showing bedroom

Internal: 7.65m x 2.55m
External: 8.15m x 3m x 3.85m