Order & Delivery

Prefabricated Option

The prefabricated Bothy is assembled off-site at our workshop in central Scotland, ready for delivery to site by low-bed HIAB truck where it can be installed in a day, reducing on-site disruption and labour costs. For this option, the truck must be able to access and pull alongside the site.

Flat-pack Option

The flat-pack Bothy is constructed using light-weight modular cassettes, making it perfect for less accessible locations in back gardens or up hillsides, where the cassettes can be carried or transported to site by off-road vehicle and assembled by hand. The system is extremely quick to construct, reducing on-site construction time, minimising the impact on the landscape and the risk of weather disruption. Currently Bothy Stores are able supply and install the flat-pack Bothy. In the near future options for self-assembly and third party installation will be available.

Delivery & Installation Times

Our products are made to order and our manufacturing and delivery times may vary according to demand and level of customisation required. The lead time for both the prefabricated and flat-pack Bothies range from 12 weeks to 20 weeks. On-site construction time for the flat-pack Bothy will vary depending on the location.




To Order

To register your interest, arrange a site visit or to place an order please contact Bothy Stores Ltd.

Call: 0131 210 0104
Email: info@bothystores.com


Volumetric bothy being lifted onto site