Artist Bothy

The original Bothy – a comfortable and relaxing space for up to four people

The Artist Bothy is a modern and refined reinterpretation of vernacular buildings found throughout the British countryside. Designed as an efficient, multipurpose space suited to a range of different uses, the compact cabin provides ideal accommodation for working or relaxing in a peaceful environment.

A gabled form recalling typical agricultural structures allows the Artist Bothy to sit quietly in any setting, while the precise lines of the corrugated-metal and timber cladding introduce a contemporary edge. Inside, the unobstructed floor area and mezzanine bed make optimal use of the available space, while windows on all aspects provide plenty of natural light. The Artist Bothy has been designed to dimensions that comply with common statutory guidelines.


Internal: 5.1m x 2.5m
External: 5.5m x 3m x 3.85m


Turnkey from £60,000
Shell Only from £48,000

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