Ken and Vivienne enjoying their finished Artist Bothy

Our Process

As experts in building, customising and installing Bothies, we work with you on all aspects of the process.

We have divided our process into six simple stages. Before starting this process, we recommend reading our Bothies and FAQs webpages or if you prefer, you can download our brochure here. Outline prices can be found on the individual Bothy webpages; a full price list will be provided on receipt of your enquiry form.

1. Enquire

The ordering process begins with the enquiry form. The enquiry form captures key information about your project and helps us understand your needs. After filling out the enquiry form, a member of our team will be in touch by email to arrange a telephone consultation.

2. Consultation

The consultation will discuss your enquiry in more detail; this will help determine which Bothy is right for you and how much customisation you require. During the consultation we will cover feasibility, permissions, cladding options, interior finishes, window and door configuration, delivery and installation.

3. Quote

Once the details from the consultation have been established, we will present you with a design proposal and quotation. The quotation will itemise the cost of the Bothy and any upgrades or accessories you've selected, as well as delivery and installation fees.

4. Order

When the quotation is accepted and appropriate planning permissions are in place, we can issue an order form. This form captures the agreed Bothy design and configuration, delivery, installation, project cost and payment terms, and is issued alongside our standard terms and conditions. Your order is confirmed on receipt of a signed order form.

5. Delivery

Each Bothy is made to order. Lead times for both prefabricated and flat-pack Bothies typically range from 12-20 weeks. Our manufacturing and delivery times can vary according to demand and level of customisation requested.

6. Installation

Our Bothies are installed by our team of specialists. Installation of a prefabricated Bothy can be completed in as little as a day, minimising the risk of weather delays, on-site disruption and labour costs.