order and delivery


The ordering process begins with a personal consultation to evaluate your needs and budget. This will help us determine which Bothy is right for you and how much personalisation is required. We will discuss the site and permission requirements before presenting you with a project plan and timeline for review.


As experts in the practicalities of customising and installing Bothies we can help with all aspects of the process. This includes consulting on feasibility, planning rights and permissions, design details, interior finishes, configuration of modules, transportation and installation.

Delivery and installation times

The Bothies are made to order and our manufacturing and delivery times may vary according to demand and level of customisation required. Lead times for both the prefabricated and flat pack Bothies range from 12-20 weeks. On-site construction time for the flat pack Bothy will vary depending on the location.

To Order

To register your interest, arrange a site visit or to place an order, please contact Bothy Stores Ltd.

Call: 0131 210 0104
Email: info@bothystores.com