Craft Bothy

A smaller and more affordable Bothy suited to compact sites

The little sibling to the Artist Bothy, the Craft Bothy captures the look and feel of the original design in a more compact footprint, creating the perfect place for work, play or sleep. Featuring the same distinctive gabled profile as the Artist Bothy, this scaled-down version is designed to fit on smaller sites.

The Craft Bothy is built to last a lifetime, using the same construction methods and components as the Artist Bothy. A commitment to craftsmanship and honest, hard-wearing materials lends the building its robust yet cosy character. Inside, three large windows ensure the Craft Bothy feels bright, spacious and connected with its surroundings. The uninterrupted floor area provides plenty of room for various activities, while the pitched ceiling emphasises the space’s height.


Internal: 3.55m x 2.55m
External: 4m x 3m x 3.35m


Turnkey from £48,000 
Shell Only from £39,000

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